I've been a classically trained violinist for almost my entire life. I like to play in ensembles like the Civic Orchestra of Victoria and the Sooke Philharmonic. I've also played in the Lake Union Civic Orchestra and the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, as well as in musical theater pits, in chamber ensembles, by myself, and anywhere else I can.

I write about my upcoming performances in my newsletter, so you can sign up and hear about them about a week in advance. I send about one per month.


It's too sporadic for a blog, but I write things when the mood strikes me. Like a blog, these pages are in reverse chronological order.

Other Stuff

I take pictures and make drawings! They mostly end up on Flickr.

Bike touring is my favorite way to travel. Drop me a line and ask me about routes, especially in the Pacific Northwest. You can also ask me about cargo biking.

Playing music is fun, but listening to music is also fun. If it's weird, I would probably like it.


I make software for a living! Take a look at my other website for more information about that. The site you are on is my website for everything that I do that is not software development.


Hi! I'm Melinda. Sometimes I pretend to be a cloud on the internet. At other times, I like to do tai chi, garden, make jam, go kayaking and look at trees.